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Well, we've arrived safely in Brisbane. Our first holiday without the kids for about 20 years (we expect the house to be perfect when we get back, kids!) so we've decided it's a second honeymoon. At the moment we're hanging around the airport terminal, , probably smelling worse than a dingo's dunny after the 29 hour journey from home, waiting for the car hire desks open in about 3 hours time. No point checking into a local motel for just three or four hours, so Antitig is sleeping on a sofa in the arrivals lounge, and I will be occupting another one when I've finished typing this. How romantic!

I have to hand it to Emirates, their in-flight entertainment is great! Thousands of films, TV programmes and CD's to choose from -- as well as listening to Florence and The Machine, and Leonard Cohen, I was able to work my way through the Pink Floyd back-catalog -- I got from Piper at the Gates of Dawn all the way up to Wish You Were Here, as well as catching up on the film Prince Caspian, three episodes of Outnumbered, Death Note 2 (a rather well-plotted and visually great live-action manga adaptation) and a whole pile of other stuff. I think that will do for videos for a while.
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