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Exam and Beer

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Well, that's the E303 exam out of the way. Three parts with roughly equal weighting. Part A easier than I expected, part B as I expected and part C harder than I expected, so it looks as if I'll be getting the grade I deserve, although that's probably not the grade I would like. On the way home I started reading Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" because I wanted to, not because it was set as part of a course!

Meanwhile, what am I to do with all this beer? The CAMRA beer club sent me two beers -- eight bottles -- in the last batch that it turns out don't meet the club's strict criteria, so they've sent me another eight bottles than do meet the criteria plus two more as an apology, and I get to keep the original eight. And I've still got a few cans of ordinary stuff left over from a party ages ago. At the moment it's hard to get into the kitchen for beer. Anybody fancy popping over for a drink?

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